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The company, founded in 1999, has now developed into a power supply service provider integrating professional development, production, manufacture and sales into one, and it is also one of the largest domestic suppliers of computer switching power supplies. By adhering to the principle of "taking reputation as the fundamental, quality as the life, innovating technologies continuously, and providing the best services", the company is committed to pursuing perfect quality, and promises to continuously meet and exceed customer requirements, to lead the new trend of the market.


All the products comply with CCC, CB, CE, TUV and other safety certifications, some products passes UL, CE, FCC and other international certifications, in addition, the company holds a number of patented technologies. With new technologies and stable quality, the company is now the OEM of multiple well-known brands, and has established long-term and stable cooperation with foreign customers.


Xinhuiyuan Technology has become a well-known brand of components for China information product:
The company employs nearly 350 people including 50 engineering, research & development and other professional and technical staff. Since the establishment, the company has strengthened the competitive advantage relying on "quality, service and speed" in accordance with the development strategy of "dedicated to research, development and manufacture", and provided professional computer switching power supply design and manufacturing services for a number of suppliers of domestic and foreign brand computer peripherals. In addition, the company has kept a good and sound business relationship with in a broad number of domestic merchants such as Dongguan Golden Field Industrial Co., Ltd., Colorful Group, Hasee and Onda, as well as multiple merchants in the United States, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and other countries and regions.


Welfare and Vision:
The company provides twice extra meals in the canteen every month, hands out festive food on Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other Chinese national festivals in accordance with the national customary practice, and annually organizes the staff to enjoy a tourism to a well-known scenic spot in Shenzhen. In the selection of managers, the internal staff are given the priority in principle and are transferred by the line supervisor, the section supervisor and the manager from the staff with a sense of responsibility, initiative and motivation in accordance with the usual performance on the basis of preferential promotion. Manufacturing Capability: Xinhuiyuan Electronics has built a first-class manufacturing system since the settling into the manufacturing base in Xinhuiyuan Industrial Park in 2011, and now has a manufacturing plant covering an area of ​​7,000 square meters, modern manufacturing equipment including automatic component inserter (currently, automatic component inserting is adopted in the whole manufacturing process of power supply), chroma, ATE automatic power supply tester, automatic temperature-control aging workshop, etc., and the complete hardware equipment has provide a powerful guarantee for product quality.


Quality Policy:
Quality is the fundamental of enterprise development, Xinhuiyuan Electronics has always given high priority for quality issues, and currently has a sound quality control system and a team capable of making an effective quality control for all kinds of quality problems. We strive to strengthen the comprehensive quality control in the aspects of product design, manufacturing and service, to provide the best quality services to customers.


Talent Strategy:
The serious, responsible, active and efficient staff are the greatest wealth of Xinhuiyuan. Respecting for knowledge, individual and collective struggle, and not yielding to meritorious employees is the inherent requirements for our sustainable growth. All the employees of Xinhuiyuan, regardless of positions, are equal in terms of personality. And the basic criteria of human resource management is "just, fair and open".


Business Philosophy:
The company has improved a first-class test process engineering through 12 years of precipitation by adhering to the production and management philosophy of "producing high-quality power supplies, to provide green power for the world", and the mature and sound quality control capacity becomes a strong guarantee for the philosophy.


Production Capacity:
Xinhuiyuan Industrial Park covers a floor area of ​​28,250 square meters, and the plant and dormitory cover an area of ​​22,000 square meters. The company has a large space for production expansion, now has four power supply production lines, and is in normal production, storage and operation with the monthly production capacity of 200,000 units.

The main production facilities include 5 UNIVERSAL component inserters (21,000/1H per unit), 4 wave soldering machines, 5 chroma6000 testers, 4 aging test rooms; one 7440 safety tester, six 7305 and 7112 respectively, 6 sets of SM8800 (including 3 sets of large power 1500W).

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